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Paul's Story

Charity founder’s recovery journey after suffering a brain haemorrhage.

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Over the Years

Year One Video Summary

Year Two Video Summary

Year Three Video Summary

These films were made during Paul’s recovery journey. Within each film, Paul talks about what happened during the previous year. You can read the full story below.

April 2012

The Incident and Hospital

  • On Easter Sunday, 8th April, 2012 I was out with friends and family enjoying a few drinks…

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MAY 2012

Hospital and Home

  • Things can get better over time for anyone who is affected by brain injury –

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June 2012

Home and Rehab

  • Some of my daily challenges:

    • I felt extremely tired all of the time. Some days I wasn’t even doing much…

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Joining the Gym

  • I had stopped doing my small workouts due to having low mood. Deep down, I knew at this point

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September 2012

Finding My Feet With Life

  • My knowledge of healthy foods was growing a little. I couldn’t process lots of information and I normally forgot what I had researched…

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October 2012

Returning To Work

  • I was really enjoying my healthy lifestyle. My whole outlook on diet had changed. I kept my eye out for foods that could aid my recovery

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November 2012

Advice from Martin Kemp

  • I went to Hull Crown Court. The person accused would make a plea. At this point I still didn’t fully understand what had happened to me…

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December 2012

A Difficult Christmas

  • I went to see my consultant. He wanted to ween me off my epilepsy medicine. I was taking phenytoin. It was not known if I had epilepsy but I was on

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January 2013

Happy New Year!

  • I was still watching the Tomorrowland video. I can’t tell you how much of a positive impact that video had on me!…

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February 2013

Justice in Court

  • Friends were pulling out all the stops to raise cash for the ward. A paratrooper friend Carl was going to run the half marathon with weighted backpack and in his military boots

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March 2013

Half Marathon Event

  • The Hull Daily Mail had been in touch and said they would like to do an article on the half marathon event. This was brilliant! I hoped other people with brain injuries would see what was achievable a year…

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April 2013

Using Coping Strategies

  • The Half Marathon Event created a huge wave of positivity! It was a success with all the runners finishing safely

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May 2013

Effects on Executive Function

  • I was training hard and eating well with Men’s Health in mind. Something that wasn’t healthy was smoking…

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July 2013

Appearing in Men’s Health Magazine

  • Men’s Health August edition hit the shops. It felt pretty surreal seeing myself on the shelf in the local newsagent! I just really hoped the article would reach people during their brain recovery

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August 2013

Presenting Neuro Ward 4/40 with £17,000

  • I had been collecting the sponsor money from the Half Marathon event. We had raised a massive £17,000 for neurosurgical ward 4/40…

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September 2013

Home Life is Difficult

  • It was a really proud moment presenting the cheque to the ward that had saved my life. The ward staff and chief executive of HEY hospitals were there

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October 2013

Feeling Worthless

  • My training partner, Chris, felt inspired from completing the half marathon. He asked if I would join him in taking part in a sprint triathlon. I told him that I struggled to swim a length so it wouldn’t be possible. I thought about it …

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November 2013

Social Life Changes and EEG Scan

  • My lifestyle had completely changed from before the incident. I had always been a party animal before the injury. Now, I was either at the gym, swimming or on my bike

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December 2013

A Better Christmas

  • Be careful not to isolate yourself. I appreciated having time alone, but I still met friends. Try not to shut yourself away from the world…

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January 2014

Accepting The New Me

  • NYC on new year 2013. Amazing to visit all the main attractions and even did a helicopter ride down the Hudson River. Gemma’s birthday was brilliant

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February 2014

The Return Of My Driving Licence

  • Brain recovery can be up to 2 years and there can be permanent damage after this period of time. People should always be mindful of this long recovery. After a while, I found that people forget it’s a long journey…

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March 2014

The NHS Golden Heart Committee

  • I was really keen on new experiences. If they involved fitness, all the better. A friend asked me if I wanted to do the Coast to Coast bike ride. This is 150 miles from the west to the east coast of England

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April 2014

Back to Neuropsychology

  • I’m not sure I would have got through the last few months without my brother, Mark. He had my back on a daily basis with work and helping with my shopping etc. He was alongside me for everything I needed…

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May 2014

Golden Hearts and Coast to Coast

  • Golden Hearts awards for HEY Hospitals 2014. It was like the Oscars! We were rubbing shoulders with the elite NHS staff for Hull and East Yorkshire. They were all winners! It was an honour to be sitting amongst those inspiring people

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June 2014

Accepting The New Me

  • Neurorehabilitation arranged for some tests for me to carry out. This would enable them to gauge the permanent damage of the injury. The tests were over 3 days. This was a big milestone for me. At the very…

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July 2014

Advised to Leave Work

  • If you’re struggling with day to day chores, then try not to be too proud to ask for help. I made the mistake of not asking for help and then realised that ‘letting people in’ made my life so much easier

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August 2014

On The Catwalk

  • A friend called James asked me to get involved with a catwalk show. It was an event for St. Stephens’s shopping centre and would be a new experience. The year before I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy something like this…

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September 2014

Coping Strategies Help

  • I still use my coping strategies. They’re just a part of my normal life now. It took a while to adjust and start using them, but I soon saw the benefits. Looking back, I don’t know why I didn’t use them sooner

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October 2014

Marathon Challenge and Raising Awareness

  • My neuropsychologist told me it would take years to recover from the haemorrhage. The bulk of brain recovery is in the first 2 years. Small improvements may be felt after that. I never believed it could take as long as that, but it did…

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November 2014

Advice and the Hull Workmen Calendar

  • I enjoyed a four-mile run around Liverpool as part of my challenge. I took it steady and had fun taking in the sights! There were times when I thought this experience would not be possible

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December 2014

Different Can Be Beautiful

  • The Hull Workmen Calendar was printed. It looked great and was in demand. I never imagined I would be doing things like this – new and fun experiences can be had after brain injury!

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January 2015

Fall Seven Times, Get Up Eight

  • Really happy to be introducing my page logo. A special thanks to my friend, Sarah Robson, who has designed it. She is an absolute star

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February 2015

Enjoy What You Can

  • The Hull Workmen Calendar was printed. It looked great and was in demand. I never imagined I would be doing things like this – new and fun experiences can be had after brain injury!

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March 2015

P.A.U.L at Poorboy and Passing My Driving Assessment

  • Week 21 of my marathon challenge. I had great support from 2 friends either side of the bridge. Thanks to Lee and Rosey. We crossed Yorkshire – Lincolnshire with a 21 mile run. It  hurt like hell, but we got through it

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 Please see below some insights from Paul’s family friends on what happened to Paul, the effects of his injury and the impact it had upon them.