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We all encounter adversity in our lives: grief, misfortune, significant health difficulties or perhaps an underprivileged start. We all make mistakes, too.

But whatever challenges we face, it can be how we deal with them that really counts.

Paul Spence, founder of P.A.U.L For Brain Recovery and brain-injury survivor, faced a life-changing injury in 2012. But instead of allowing his injury to define his future, Paul took himself on a journey of transformation.

And now, he tells his story to educate, motivate and inspire.

 Insight and inspiration. Or becoming his best self.

Paul is a passionate and engaging speaker who takes the listener on an inspirational journey through trauma and initial recovery to become his best self. He gives insights into his key learnings along the way and talks of acceptance, adaptability, and, eventually, accomplishment.

 Each talk is insightful and thought-provoking, designed to raise awareness of brain injury and the significant impact it can have on anyones life, but also what can be achieved despite experiencing trauma.

Developing resilience isn’t easy. Paul’s journey hasn’t been straightforward. He’s encountered many problems, setbacks and obstacles along the way, experienced many hard-fought battles and learnt valuable lessons.

Ten years on, Paul has defied the odds. He’s travelled the globe undertaking marathons, climbed Kilimanjaro, completed Iron Man UK, and undertaken swimming, running, cycling and hiking challenges. His aim: to become his best self physically, mentally and emotionally.

 But perhaps most importantly, Paul set up P.A.U.L For Brain Recovery, a charity designed to support, guide and educate others which incorporates the many learnings from Paul’s lived experience.

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About Paul’s talks


One Punch Ruins Lives

In this talk, Paul shares his trauma and lived experiences of brain injury to raise awareness of the impact of violence, in hope that it prevents unnecessary suffering.

The One Punch Ruins Lives talk gives an insight into the life Paul was living pre-brain injury in 2012. He delivers his account of the unprovoked attack that had a devastating impact on his life –  the ONE PUNCH which left him fighting for his life. He pulled through but suffered a frontal lobe brain injury which came with severe consequences, meaning his brain would never function in the same way again. During early recovery, Paul lost everything. It ruined his life and those closest to him. 

Paul gives examples of how other people have been affected by one punch. The talk highlights potential reasons for conflict and raises awareness of the importance of using emotional intelligence.

During this talk, Paul explains how the perpetrator of the attack was sentenced to prison and all lives were ruined that day. 

The One Punch Ruins Lives talk ends by offering practical tips to help people calm down and regulate their emotions if they encounter anger, frustration or feel tense.  

Talk length

Approximately 25 mins

Opportunity for Q & A afterwards – 10 mins

Who is this for? 

This talk can be:

  • Delivered to any individual or group
  • Tailored to suit any age/audience
  • Delivered in person or via Zoom/Teams call


I believe Paul’s story could stop these young lads being violent and think about the consequences. 

Prison officer

I was very moved by Pauls talk and the way he expressed himself.

Student – Malet Lambert School

The talk was an amazing opportunity to learn more about Paul’s injury and his recovery. It moved me and made me appreciate life more.

College student

I would like to say thank you for giving me motivation in my own life.

Prison inmate

Paul’s Life Changing Journey –

From Rock Bottom to Finding Purpose and Living an Extraordinary Life

Paul shares his trauma, lived experiences of brain injury recovery and a positive transformation to educate, motivate and inspire others. 

This talk gives an insight into the life Paul was living pre-brain injury in 2012. It covers the ‘One Punch’ incident that left Paul with a frontal lobe brain injury, along with the difficulties and destruction of his life which ultimately led to him hitting rock bottom. 

Paul gives an insight into the lifestyle choices that he chose to help his during recovery. Starting with a small home workout and goal setting Paul tells of how he found comfort and strength in exercise, and how he slowly built up to challenge himself which helped with his recovery.

The talk covers periods where Paul struggled with depression and how mental health services had a positive impact on his life. Paul talks of how using coping strategies and mind management techniques including growth mindset and mindfulness, helped him become the best version of the new him following brain injury. 

Paul explains how he became the founder of the charity, P.A.U.L For Brain Recovery and how he went from running one mile to becoming an Iron Man UK, running worldwide marathons, ultra-marathons and climbing Kilimanjaro. 

Talk length

Approximately 35 mins

Opportunity for Q & A afterwards 15 mins

Where possible, this talk is best done when attendees have already heard the One Punch Ruins Lives talk. 

 Who is this for? 

This talk can be:

  • Delivered to any individual or group
  • Can be tailored to suit any age/audience
  • Delivered in person or via Zoom/Teams call

That was an incredibly moving talk and inspiring. It is amazing to hear about Paul’s journey. It was helpful to hear about his experiences and how this happens in real life. Thank you.

University of Hull, psychology student

The whole presentation was great. It was all very informative especially from a first-person experience as you’re able to share so many smaller but very important aspects of the experience.

University of Hull, psychology student

Really inspiring talk – so valuable to hear Paul’s experiences. It felt like such a privilege to hear about his journey and the talk has really helped me to better understand what it’s like to experience a brain injury and what the journey can bring. Thanks so much.

University of Hull, psychology student

Incredible talk. Extremely inspiring. Really useful to understand the experiences of someone with a TBI.

University of Hull – Psychology student

Paul’s Life Changing Journey –

Living with an Acquired Brain Injury’

This talk – 

Covers the same content as Paul’s talk – ‘Paul’s Life Changing Journey – Healthy Brain, Healthy You.’ However, this talk gives an insight into what it’s like living with an Acquired Brain Injury, specifically focusing on brain function pre and post injury.

This includes Paul sharing what he has learnt about the brain, brain health and the specific interventions/activities that have helped him with difficulties due to his brain injury. Such difficulties include dealing with fatigue and managing stress. Paul also tells of how he takes advantage of neuroplasticity to function as the best version of himself. 

Talk length

Approximately 40 mins

Opportunity for Q & A afterwards 15 mins 

Who is this for? 

This talk can be delivered to any individual or group and is best delivered in person although it can be done or via Zoom/Teams call. The talk can be tailored to suit any age and audience and has been delivered to educate the following audiences:

    • Psychology students or clinical psychology students in a college or university setting
    • Nursing staff and healthcare professionals as part of healthcare training or a conference

    Paul’s talk is really engaging, informative and motivating. Thank you, Paul, for sharing your journey with us and helping us grow! I was appreciative of insights into your lived experience. 

    University student


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