Kev (pictured left) is a HUGE inspiration to all of us involved with the charity!  

Kev first accessed the charity in 2022 after suffering a traumatic brain injury that was life-changing for both him and his family. As a keen skier, he has always been determined to resume his hobby and return to his favourite place in the world – the mountains 

Kev found a sense of belonging after accessing the charity’s social and well-being sessions.

Since accessing the charity 18 months ago, Kev joined one of our social sessions and enjoyed it so much that he has been attending weekly ever since. 


Kev and Dave at Move Humber gyM

Kev has also been attending our free weekly gym sessions for the past 9 months. When Kev first accessed these gym sessions, he was unable to stand or squat unassisted!

Both these sessions have played a crucial role in helping Kev find a community where he feels welcomed and supported.

Kev, Skiing at Xsacpe, Hull.

Kev’s remarkable progress – truly inspirational  

Kev’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable! Having overcome the initial challenge of standing unaided and simply putting on his ski boots. Kev is now training at Xscape with the adaptive ski team and is making excellent progress!  

Kev’s journey has been heartwarming to witness.

Through attending regular gym sessions, Kev has improved his mobility and built his strength and confidence sufficiently to achieve his goal and went on a skiing holiday in March. 

Here are some amazing photos of Kev and his family on their skiing trip.



This shows what can be achieved with the right determination and the right support. This is just one service user’s story, we hope to share many more in future editions. 

These services help people manage their life-changing disability, avoid crisis, and reach their new potential.

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